Babblings from the Box Owner

So we’re into week four since starting CFPAPS’ first ever on-ramp, into the third week of general sessions, one week has passed since our opening comp (which was freakin awesome by the way!) and the second on ramp has had it’s first session yesterday….While we’re taking back to back on-ramps and our numbers are increasing by the week, no WODs will be posted regularly…I want members to embrace the element of ‘surprise’…in that to truly excel at CrossFit, you can’t just choose your strengths or cherry pick the WOD’s you like…even when we do post them up daily…if it looks like a WOD you’ll hate, that’s the session you should 100% come to.  Without getting out of your comfort zone, you won’t be pushing your limits, and without pushing your limits, you won’t get results…true story!

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