WOD – Friday 7 March 2014

So, Friday we find out what is in store for us for 14.2 – we’ll know this at 2:00pm NZ time!  We will be doing 14.2 for the Saturday session as well as all the sessions on Monday.  Anyone able to come down and help out with judging and equipment who aren’t going to join in on Saturday would be awesome too…if you haven’t experienced competing or spectating in this environment, you should really come and check it out.

So…Friday’s WOD…

12min 25m Sprint EMOM
1 Sprint the 1st minute, 2 Sprints the 2nd minute, 3 the 3rd, and so on…until you can’t complete the distance for the given minute.

Double unders and sit ups

12min cut off

2min rest then

Max reps push ups – 2 attempts with 1min rest in between.

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