WOD – Monday 3 March 2014

By popular demand we will give those who are registered for the CrossFit Open, the chance to repeat 14.1 in any of the scheduled sessions today.  For the rest of the CrossFit Open, the workouts will be the programmed WOD for the Saturday session and all of the Monday sessions.  Registered athletes will be judged in an official manner with scoresheets and all others will be judged and counted also, but a scoresheet not used.

Clean Technique using 50-60% 1 rm
6-6-6-6-6-6 – rest at least 45s between sets and focus on keeping the bar close to the body and using the ‘shrug’ to generate the power to ‘get under the bar’.

Double Under technique


Either 14.1


10min AMRAP
5 x T2b
10 x Box Jumps

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