WOD – Thursday 20 March 2014

We have a rule at our Box, that to do ‘kipping’ or ‘butterfly’ pull-ups in a WOD, you must be able to demonstrate 3 x dead hang pull ups to a coach beforehand.   We take the safety of our athletes VERY seriously, and one of the easiest ways to injure yourself in CrossFit, is by doing kipping pull-ups before your shoulders have built up the correct stabilising muscles for them to handle it.

With that in mind, we’ll go over the technique for kipping and butterfly pull-ups, as eventually, we’d like to think all our athletes will be ready to progress to this stage.
Then each athlete to perform:

3 x max sets of DEAD HANG STRICT Pull ups (you must remain hanging on the bar for this to be a max set and bands may be used).  REST at least 1minute between sets.

400m run
10 x Pull ups
10 x Pistol Squats (alternating)
200m run
16 x Pull Ups
16 x Pistol Squats
100m run
20 x Pull Ups
20 x Pistol Squats

18 min cut off

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