WOD – Thursday 27 March 2014

‘Split Jerk’ Technique – tutorial then 5 x 2 off racks (for weight and/or technique)

Power Clean and over bar HR burpees.
NO RX weight for this WOD, but increase your weight from the set of 9’s and again for the last set of 3.  Your score will be your number of Cleans ONLY and the scale will be your start and finish weight…i.e 25/40

Be strategic and smart with your weight increases and always remember, ‘it’s better to go light and get it right’, you can only get away with ‘muscling up’ the clean for so long before you will find it hard to go up in weight without really focussing on the ‘pull’ (the extension of the hips and shrug of the shoulders).

20min cut off.

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