WOD – Thursday 3 April 2014

Strength/Skill – April Focus

Each day you come in to train, you’ll do one of the following three options in the 15mins prior to the WOD.  You’ll then alternate between the three options each time you come and train.  You will all be given a sheet of paper to chart your results.

1) Pull-Ups and Ring Dips – 3 x max sets of STRICT pull ups and 3 x max sets of ring dips.  One minute rest between each set.  You are to record your max set of each and the scale (ie. 10pull ups green band/8 ring dips blue band.

2) Unbroken Double Unders and 400m run time – in either order, you are to use the stopwatches to time your 400m run time and spend some time working on your double unders to then record your max UNBROKEN set.  You are to record this as your run time in minutes and seconds and your max unbroken double unders.

3) 5 x 5 Back Squats or Front Squats (alternate) off racks – off racks, use the time to do 5 x 5 of either front squats or back squats working to heaviest set of 5, record it as BS/kg or FS/kg.

13min AMRAP
50m backwards run
5 x t2b
5 x hang cleans 50/40

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