WOD – Wednesday 19 February 2014

Barbell warm up and technique preparing for CrossFit Total
5min EMOM
Barbell Complex at light weight- Deadlift – Hang clean – Strict Press – 2 x Backsquat

CROSSFIT TOTAL!!!!! – This is going to be awesome and a great chance to see the rewards of your training.
This is testing your 1rm for the following three lifts:
– Deadlift
– Backsquat
– Strict Press

You will be working in pairs (or more for the backsquat due to limited rack availability).  As always, safety and technique is our primary focus, there is no point calling a 1rm if you hurt yourself doing it.  Standards (depth/extension) must be reached in order to call it and I fully expect to hear that PB Bell of ours ringing throughout the session!

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