As I was updating our website, I came across this old Blog from when Lilly & Nate first joined CrossFit Papamoa.

You both have come so far in this journey, coming up to 4 years at CrossFit Papamoa, it’s great to still have you with us, working hard & having a laugh every day!

Thank you both for being such a big part of our community!!



We recently asked a few questions of two of our members, Lilly who was in our very first On-Ramp course when we opened in September 2013 and Nathan (her husband) who after standing back with crossed arms during Lilly’s On-Ramp, joined us in the next on Ramp three weeks later!

Q: Why did you decide to start CrossFit?
Lilly: “Investing in Ourselves” – We heard about it through friends of ours and my brother, a member of Zealous CrossFit in Auckland swore by it.  It was just waiting for a Box to open locally.  We saw they results they were experiencing.  We also went to the Mount Team Nationals in 2012 and saw it first hand.

Nate: Like Lilly we had several people we know already doing CrossFit of all ages, sizes and abilities.  All of them loved it.  Again it was waiting for a ‘Box’ to open locally which helped as well.  Seeing it first hand at the Teams comp just proved what I had heard about the ‘Positive Nature’ CrossFit had.

Q: What is it about CrossFit you like the most?
Lilly: Having a trainer/coach with me at every session.  That is the most valuable thing to me in regard to being answerable to someone.  A coach provides me with motivation to push myself, just as you would if you had a Personal Trainer in a gym.  Except it doesn’t cost you $60 per hour with very little results.
4 months into it, I’m really starting to enjoy the classes, meeting new people and the camaraderie that comes along with CrossFit values.

Nate: For me it’s the constant support from my peers as well as the awesome coaches.  The fact that there is no singling out as far as levels and ability goes.  Sort of feel equal rather than intimidated by the ‘cool kids’.  Love meeting all the new people of Papamoa and the Mount.  Being answerable to someone makes it easier to attend rather than relying on myself to get to the gym.  I refer to it a lot to others as a full time PT session for a fraction of the cost and I love being able to work out with my wife and soon our son (CrossFit Kids).

Q: What changes has it made for you?
Lilly: Definitely feeling better in my own skin, clothes feel normal again and energy levels are higher.

Nate: In only a few months I have lost 10kgs which is huge.  The things I can do now at CrossFit compared to 3 1/2 months ago is amazing.  (3 assisted pull ups max to now 14 unbroken assisted pull ups and that’s just one of many).  My clothes feel good and I feel good.  Lots more energy in day to day stuff.

Q: What advice would you give to those just starting or thinking of starting?
*Coach insert – Lilly and I had back and forward emails about her concerns starting CrossFit with regard to her age and things not moving as well as they used to, I’m so glad she believed me when I said that ‘CrossFit is for everyone’ and that everything can be ‘scaled’ to each person’s ability.

Lilly: You won’t look back.  It’s nothing like I have ever done before, including bootcamps.  I can honestly say I will never go back to a normal gym.  You will be surprised at how much you don’t know about fitness after you start CrossFit.

Nate: Don’t second guess yourself.  Get in and give it a go.  There are always different options to all the movements.  I used to turn up daily with butterflies, nervous about our WOD but I stuck to my guns and haven’t looked back.  I promise you won’t either.  Also, the coaches welcome you and makes you feel so comfortable right from the get go.  There is no judging of people at all, just awesome people, with awesome skills willing to help.  Thanks heaps guys, you rock!